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UPT unit with a connection system to the CIP station
Can washing unit for Syktyvkar Dairy Plant
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Can washing unit for Syktyvkar Dairy Plant

At the end of June, Ecomash company manufactured a can washing unit for Syktyvkar Dairy Plant.

The EM-UMF can washing unit is a rectangular washing chamber with four fixed peripheral and one dynamic central washing heads. The supply of cleaning solutions and water to the heads is carried out from below through individual ball valves for each head. The waste liquids drain to the inclined bottom of the chamber and are removed through the drain pipe. At the bottom of the chamber there is a stop for installing cans of various shapes and sizes on it. There is a special pocket for placing removable covers in it. The front of the camera is locked with a sealed door with latches. The washing chamber is mounted on a frame equipped with adjustable supports.