According to the results of the expert analysis of the Analytical Research Center, the Ecomash enterprise entered the industry rating of sustainable and dynamically developing enterprises.

At the end of September, a cottage cheese pressing and cooling unit of the UPT series (Mitrofanov cooler) with a connection system to the CIP station was manufactured for dairy plant in Primorsky Krai .

At the end of June, Ecomash company manufactured a can washing unit for Syktyvkar Dairy Plant.

Three cottage cheese pressing and cooling stations of the UPT series (Mitrofanov cooler) was manufactured in early August for dairy plant in Vologda region.

On July 17, a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises was held, dedicated to supporting the export of SMEs in the new conditions.

In mid-June, a machine for grinding chocolate blocks of the MRM series was manufactured for a confectionery factory in the Yaroslavl region.